As I build this business, I've decided to focus on the niche that I love most...

helping coaches and entrepreneurs develop their online courses.

Sales coach? Health coach? Life coach? An online course can help you earn passive income and build your following.

You have the knowledge. You have the experience. You have the strategy and ideas.

Now let's build a powerful, engaging script for each module of your course.

Looking For Creative Writing?

If your projects requires a queen of creativity to build a world of wordplay, consider checking out Put it in Writing. The Upwork agency was started by me and my sister, Emily. While I bore you with talk of SEO and metadata, Emily can spin you a story that hits right to the heart of what you want to share with your audience.

Read some of Emily's work on Medium. When you pair up with Put it in Writing, you can choose to work with Emily and see all of your ideas come to life.