Don’t let your website get lost in the shuffle. I can produce content to reach your audience at every step of the buyer’s journey and maintain the reputation of your website.


Generate leads, offer value, and establish your authority with an in-depth, downloadable eBook.


Give your customers the experience of using your products. Not sure what to say? That's where I come in.

Social Media Content

Keep the conversation alive. Create and manage social media content that can give your brand a voice and reach new buyers.


Egg coffee in Saigon, Vietnam. Photo by Megan Okonsky, Copywriter and Content Marketing Specialist

Who else is addicted to their Kindle?

The eBook is changing the way that consumers read and how writers publish books. In 2018, eBooks are set to make up for 25% of global book sales. Authors of all genres are moving toward self-publishing eBooks, and buyers are following. But you don't have to write the great American novel in order to write and publish an eBook that will generate interest among your customers. eBooks are great lead magnets, providing information that further demonstrates the value of your brand.

After reading your 1000-word blog post, buyers may still have questions. And you have the exchange for an email address or other form of contact information. eBooks are also great reading material to accompany your next online course, seminar, or consultation. They offer your customers a comprehensive, valuable resource that can be easily shared or referenced.

Don't have time to publish a whole eBook? That's where I come in.

I have written a handful of eBooks for my clients, on a range of subjects including sales methodology, productivity, and relationship management. I am also currently working on an eBook with yoga flows for students of all levels.

Are you ready to generate leads and provide your customers with a valuable resource?


SEO can bring buyers onto your website to explore your products, but innovations now provide options to experience a product further than just looking about it or reading about it.

Don't leave your customers hanging. Give your customers an experience with video content.

Video content is one of the hottest trends in content marketing. Despite additional resources that may be required to create video content, over 76% of marketers believe video makes a positive impact on their overall strategy. Watch your bounce rates fall, session times increase, and rankings dominate over your competition with video content.

Why is video so popular? Because it works.

  • Landing pages with video content generate 86% more conversions than landing pages that only contain text and images.
  • If your email newsletter contains a link to video content, it is 50% more likely to be read by subscribers.
  • Four times as many buyers prefer watching product demo videos over reading text-only demos and instructions.

Not sure what to say? Let me handle the script. I have written video scripts for a handful of clients. While my writing style adapts to each client, I typically enjoy writing in a manner that sounds conversational and translates easily to video. Whether you need a two-minute or twenty-minute script about a topic or your products, I have you covered.

Ready to convert 86% more website visitors?

Social Media Content

Brisbane, Australia. Photo by Megan Okonsky, Copywriter and Content Marketing Specialist

I have been working as a social media content creator for over five years, and have seen each platform evolve in that time. As each social media giant adds new features and updates their algorithms in attempt to come out on top, users have changed their allegiances and used each platform in different ways. The audience that you want to reach may be shopping on Instagram, but have no interest in reading your tweets. A majority of adults (56%) are on more than one social media platform, but they aren't always in the same headspace or part of the buyer's journey when they use each site.

Don't send out social content with only the hopes that you will get responses or build a following. Together, we can build a social media content strategy that gives you more confidence in the content that you are sharing on your social media.

Social media is constantly changing, and often requires more setup than other types of content. Here is what I can do:



Starting from scratch? I can help you set up your social media profiles so they look attractive to visitors and provide the information they are looking for on your pages.


Let's talk strategy. A consultation will help you discover which social platforms and what type of content are most useful for your growth goals. New to scheduling social media content? We'll talk about that, too.

Content Creation

If you are all set up and ready to go, I can help you write and develop content to boost engagement. Whether you need a few tweets a month or an ad campaign that runs throughout Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, I've got you covered.

Ready to build a social media strategy and produce consistent content that encourages your audience to engage?